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Alloy rims for winter - save up to 50 €!

Complete Wheel Weeks at!

Are you familiar with this issue? Your customers ask for shiny alloy rims from Keskin, Dotz or 2DRV in the summer, but in winter they have to swap them for simple steel rims. You know: This doesn't have to be the case! Modern alloy rims often withstand the harsh conditions of slush, snow and road salt without any problems.

During our Complete Wheel Weeks from 4 October 2021 - 31 October 2021, you can offer your customers a variety of rims and complete wheels at even lower prices: Save up to 50 €!

Select a suitable combination for your customer's vehicle from an enormous variety of tyres and rims and take advantage of our attractive discounts:

  • For purchases of rims or complete wheels over 500 €, you will receive a discount of 25 €
  • For purchases of rims or complete wheels over 1000 €, you will receive a discount of 50 €

During the promotion period, the prices for rims are already reduced in the shop - you don't have to do anything else except save money!

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