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As part of Europe's largest online tyre retailer tyres123.ieoffers a large range of motor oil and lubricants for most cars and light trucks. Benefit from our favorable purchasing conditions for your own needs or reposition yourself in the oil and lubricants trade.

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Today's customers expect traders and workshops to stock a broad range of engine oils. Long gone are the times in which engine oil came in only the petrol engine and diesel engine varieties. Manufacturers' standards must now be observed and complied with in order to avoid potential engine damage. It's essential that you supply the right motor oil for every engine - is your source for high-quality motor oil from a range of manufacturers.

The Advantage of Good Engine Oil

Engine oil from Castrol, Shell, Liqui Moly and other brands is somewhat more expensive than budget oil, but these investments in quality are ones worth making. Modern engines are highly sensitive - oils must leave minimal deposits of soot and toxic substances as well as being suitable for the engine temperature. Engine oil minimises friction and cools. Only your car's manufacturer knows which oils are suitabl for its engine - chek the advice in the operating manual.

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On, you can buy mineral, synthetic and partially synthetic oil, two-stroke and four-stroke oil and summer, winter and multigrade oils all at low prices. Ordering with us is quick and secure, just like our delivery. Log into to our portal with the password provided (for existing customers) or register via our online form. After activation of your account, you'll be able to benefit from the numerous advantages on offer, including free shipping.

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