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Main Category : Questions about the DEX (Delticom Efficiency Classes Index)
  1. What is the DEX?
  2. Survey Results: How did the surveyed motorists weight the criteria of the EU tyre label?
  3. Where is the DEX displayed?
  4. Does the DEX also apply to winter tyres?

What is the DEX?

In a representative, Europe-wide survey, Europe's leading Internet tyre dealer Delticom asked motorists from 15 countries to weight the three criteria of the EU tyre label.

The resulting prioritisation of the EU tyre label criteria forms the basis of the DEX (Delticom Efficiency Class Index). The DEX is therefore a combination of the value of each of the tyre’s label criteria and the weighting of these criteria.

The DEX can be useful for facilitating purchase decisions. In Delticom’s various online shops, the "DEX" is displayed on a rating system of one to five stars.

The more stars the DEX of a tyre has, the closer the tyre’s labelled efficiency classes match the preferences determined by the surveyed motorists.

Note: The DEX is only valued for summer and all-season tyres!

Survey Results: How did the surveyed motorists weight the criteria of the EU tyre label?

Safety before savings. More than half the motorists feel that wet grip is the most important tyre property covered by the EU tyre label. In second place, with more than 25 percent according to the survey, is the rolling resistance. The least weight on the survey rating scale was rolling noise emissions.

Where is the DEX displayed?

The DEX is displayed exclusively in Delticom’s online shops. The DEX is displayed when purchasing tyres in the search results for tyres and in the tyre details section.

Does the DEX also apply to winter tyres?

The EU tyre label does not include the handling of tyres on ice and snow. Therefore, when purchasing winter tyres, we recommend consulting tyre test reviews on the consumer-based website

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