Caravan tyres: Additional business with top margins

Caravan tyres: Additional business with top margins

Wohnmobil ReifenBeing spontaneous, enjoying the freedom of the "rolling hotel": The caravan has become popular with more and more travel enthusiasts for a holiday without hotel requirements and without a commitment to pre-arranged holiday routes.

For you as a tyre dealer, this development offers one thing above all: the chance to increase sales and high margins.

High margin opportunities in the sale of caravan tyres

What's the point? In order to enjoy the freedom on their four wheels, most caravan owners depend on your help as a tyre or car body specialist. In addition to technical maintenance, your customers have to rely on reliable and, above all, sustainable tyres and are often willing to invest large amounts of money - after all, their next trip is at stake!

Full assortment and top dealer prices - also without own warehousing

That means for you: Even if you are not specialized in caravans, use your chances on additional business by the right consultation and the sale of suitable tyres to your customers. You can generate good margins in the caravan tyre sector in particular. You don't even have to maintain your own stock.

Use your purchase advantages with!

  • Become a full-range supplier - access to all access to all common dimensions
  • All well-known manufacturers such as Continental, Michelin, Pirelli or Maxxis
  • Top purchase conditions already from the 1st tyre
  • Save resources: External warehousing through Delticom central warehouse
  • Full flexibility: no shipping costs, no minimum quantities, no additional costs
  • without shipping costs
  • Competent contact persons and B2B service team

Whether you are a tyre dealer, caravan workshop, caravan seller or rental company with your own fleet - save resources, remain flexible and take your business with you! Very simple, free of charge and non-binding.

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More information about tyres for caravans:

CP tyres:

Caravan tyres must meet certain conditions. So-called "CP tyres" have been developed and approved for use in caravans.

The identifier "CP" stands for "Camping". These are C tyres ("Commercial" or "Cargo") which are optimised for special requirements such as the long service life of caravans. CP tyres are manufactured by Michelin and Continental, among others.

CP tyres are designed for camping vehicles such as caravans and have a reinforced tyre substructure. CP tyres, whose construction corresponds to that of C tyres, offer a high load capacity. By significantly increasing air pressure, CP tyres offer higher load carrying capacity and at the same time better protection against mechanical damage. The reinforcement is multi-layered, e.g. in the tyre 205/55 R16 99 CP V. This means that the tyres are protected against „stand plates" even during longer standstill period.

Advice and sale of caravan tyres: Use your possibilities

Do caravan owners come to your workshop for holiday preparation? Very good! Then take a closer look at the tyres and check them for damage, loss of air pressure or signs of wear. Even a look at the DOT, the date of manufacture, does no harm. Especially with vehicles that are exposed to a long service life - often in wind and weather - the tyres are often underestimated or lost from sight.

Here, too, you are in demand as an expert and can score with good advice and service. will gladly support you with the right selection and the best purchasing conditions at no extra charge.

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